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What We're Reading- July 1st

Jul 1, 2019 12:22:56 PM / by Ingrid Korgemagi, VP Marketing

No matter if you are on the facility or the partner side of Revenue Cycle Management, there is a lot of information, both legal and regulatory, to keep up with to maximize reimbursements. Here are a few things of interest that we are reading right now: stock-image-182073264-xl-2015-1

  •  "Health Care Gets Heated On Night 2 Of The Democratic Presidential Debate" Last Thursday, the second night of the first Democratic primary debate, 10 presidential hopefuls took the stage and health issues became an early flashpoint.  Article 
  • "What New Hampshire can tell us about Trump's move to publicize hospital prices". New Hampshire has one of the oldest and most complete hospital price-transparency laws in the U.S. An examination of the state law's performance could help predict the potential success or pitfalls of Trump's June 24 executive order requiring hospitals to publish prices they negotiate with insurers, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Article
  • "CMS releases 2018 ACA risk-adjustment data" The CMS released data last Friday showing the results of a program meant to stabilize insurance premiums in the Affordable Care Act insurance markets.  Article

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