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Are You Struggling with California COVID-19 Vaccination Billing?

Jun 14, 2021 10:50:51 AM / by Chris Caspar, CEO

California COVID-19 Vaccination BillingIn a rush to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, many organizations are now facing the daunting task of needing to get the COVID-19 vaccinations billed.  We have had multiple Community Health Centers reach out to us to seek assistance with this challenge.

One of the largest vaccination sites in southern California was seeing their backlog spike to over 100,000 claims.  This was in addition to all of the claims that needed to be billed for their traditional patient visits. 

They needed a way to ensure that all of these claims would get billed out prior to reaching their timely filing limit and they had new COVID-19 vaccinations being provided with every passing day.   They initially turned to hiring temporary resources to assist.  However, they were needing to spend significant time in recruiting, training and ramping these resources that took away form their staff's ability to focus on their own billing.  It was a losing battle.  The volume of backlog continued to climb.

Altruis was able to assist by quickly training and ramping a team to focus on California COVID-19 Vaccination Billing for the health center.  Taking much of the burden off of the health center and ensuring that the COVID-19 Vaccination Claims did not go timely.  California has very unique billing requirements and our team was able to work with the health center to ensure that all claims are billed out properly.  This included the claims for out-of-network plans that needed to be printed for submission.  We verified patient eligibility on every claim either through the payer portals or by phone if required.  All of this ensured that the Health Center would not miss out on the reimbursement that they were entitled to for providing this very important service.

If you are struggling, we can help.  Click the link below for a free consultation.

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Chris Caspar, CEO

Written by Chris Caspar, CEO

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